The Ring Keeper – teal colour script

Stop worrying & start living!

The Ring Keeper is specially designed to keep your rings and other small things safely secured when you’re on the go.

Available soon in 6 colour combinations.

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Whether at the gym, in the field, or on the job, sometimes we just need a safe space to stash our precious finery.

Perfect for...

The Ring Keeper (in black & gold) on a key ring dangling from car ignition.

... on the road!

Keep your ring securely stashed while your hands are busy.

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The Ring Keeper (in Rose & Gold) atop a paisley bag with a yoga mat, water bottle, and strap.

... at the gym!

Keep your ring safely hidden while you work up a sweat.

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The Ring Keeper (in Black & Gun Metal) hangs from a leather tool belt, complete with hammer, screw drivers, and box cutter.

... on the job!

Keep your ring cleanly stowed while your hands get dirty.

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No more heartbreak!

The usual methods of tossing your sentimental pieces into the bottoms of purses, wallets or pockets can often result in unintentional heartbreak as our jewels get lost in the black hole within, or worse, go missing altogether.

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    "The best gift idea ever!"

    "I have given it to many friends as an engagement or wedding gift and each one of them talks about how much they love it. I use mine daily, and often wonder what I did before I had one. Would highly recommend this product and company!"

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    "Design looks sleek"

    "As a firefighter and a regular at the gym, I was always concerned with my ring as I took it off and threw it in my gym bag. The Ring Keeper helps me ensure the safety and whereabouts of my ring. The black with gunmetal design looks sleek and it fits right onto my key chain."

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    "I love it!!"

    "Not only is the Ring Keeper beautifully made but it's the perfect thing to safely keep my most valuable possession. I have the Ring Keeper attached to the inside of my purse to safely hold my wedding ring while I get a manicure or do a yoga class."

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Available soon in 6 Colour Combinations

The Ring Keeper (in Black & Gold) is clasped to the inside blue pocket of a brown leather backpack. We can see teal casual sneakers tucked into the backpack storage compartment.
The Ring Keeper (in Rose & Gold) clasped to a brown leather backpack zipper. Bag is modelled by a white girl in a pink & white stripped top.
The Ring Keeper (in Black & Gun Metal) clasped to a key ring with four keys. It's casually strewn onto a table next to an iPhone, gym towel, and hand weights.

Designed with love

Featuring an anti-tarnish fabric lining, the elasticated internal pockets of this zippered leather mini-case keep your individual pieces safe from being scratched, pulled, or otherwise damaged.

The lobster clasp secures your Ring Keeper to your purse, keys, belt loops, or backpacks so that your precious finery is never hard to find.

Dawn Ronfeld, founder of Dhérèse Design Corp and inventor of The Ring Keeper.

Meet the Inventor

Dhérèse is a mash up of my first name (Dawn) and my middle name (Thérèse)

I’m not normally an inventor; I’m a private school teacher in Oakville, Ontario (Canada). But I have been sitting on this great idea for years now, and finally had the courage to do something about it!

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Available in 6 colour combinations!

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